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This is the official website for the 1st FAI World Paramotor Endurance Championships. The site is still under construction, please bear with us as we add more information in early 2024.

The championships will take place between 3rd and 10th of August 2024, at Manston Airport, in Kent. Nations from around the world will send teams of pilots to compete in both foot launch and trike classes, for this unique event.

Top pilots in British Paramotor Team will battle it out against the best pilots in the world for the ultimate prize in paramotoring: becoming World Champions.

Registration is now open

Official registration for the 1st FAI World Paramotor Endurance Championships 2024, supported by Liberty Paramotors and Vittorazi Motors, is Open National Team Leaders are invited to register yourselves and your team pilots. We will ask you to upload an official…

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Key information for pilots and teams can be found here.


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Example pilot data from British Open Paramotor Championships 2023.


Paramotor championships in the UK are proud to associate with the network of BHPA paramotor schools, who have sponsored previous British Paramotor Championships, and are so essential to the ensuring growth of the sport, and the safety and skills of British pilots.

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